Who We Are


We are a regional Ekklesia which operates as an apostolic training center with an apostolic leader, a team of elders, and a pastoral team. Allow us to describe in detail what all of this means and how it can apply to the the everyday visitor here at The CityGate.

Regional Ekklesia

Jesus wrote in Matthew 16:8 “I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church” The word He used that has been translated “church” is the Greek word “ekklesia.” Ekklesia in Jesus’ time indicated a convocation of people in a city or region that had the authority to make decisions of government. In other words, the ekklesia Jesus is building in the earth is an expression of His government – the Kingdom of God – being brought into the earth to effect change so that the territory where His ekklesia is established begins to look more like “heaven on earth.” We are committed to being an expression of Christ’s Ekklesia within our territory…not the only one, but a part of what Christ is doing in our territory to advance His Kingdom.

Apostolic Training Center

The CityGate is a training, equipping and activating ministry serving the Memphis-Metro area and beyond. Our passion is to see followers of Christ discipled and matured to fulfill their God-given dreams and destiny.

Apostolic Leader

Clay Nash has become a powerful prophetic voice declaring the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s everyday lives. As an apostle, he has founded and led numerous assemblies of believers as well as a network of relational covenants with ministers throughout the world. Apostle Clay serves on the team of Network Ekklesia International along with Dutch Sheets and Ken Malone as well as Global Spheres with Chuck Pierce and C. Peter Wagner. He has a doctorate in theology and is married to Susan, his wife of 41 years. They have three children, four grandchildren and countless spiritual sons and daughters.

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team is here to provide an atmosphere in people’s lives that gives a sense of purpose, protection, and belonging. It is to lead people to a place of maturity that translates into a fulfilled life.  In all, helping people realize their ability to accomplish their own vision as well as fulfilling the larger vision of the church.