Enduring Freedom


Enduring Freedom operates through two avenues of ministry. The ministries are Freedom Sessions with Susan Nash, and The Journey with Thomas Lostritto.

Freedom Sessions

Susan Nash
This is an inner healing process much like counseling with the focus on discovering freedom and healing to bondage, hurts and wounds. By allowing Holy Spirit to shine light to unseen areas, we give you tools to stay free. John 8:31&32

Contact Susan by emailing: southerngaall@gmail.com

The Journey

Thomas Lostritto
The Journey, Unpacking Self-Deception, is a small, confidential group that focuses on acceptance right where you are.  The group encourages honesty in a safe atmosphere.  If you feel ‘stuck’ in an area(s) of life and wonder why you keep doing what you don’t want to do, The Journey may be for you.  Perhaps you are carrying around pain of inner hurts from your past or struggling to escape some underlying guilt or shame.  What if the way you perceive yourself isn’t really who you were created to be?  As you go through the 13-week journey, you’ll discover the lies that have held you back, tripped you up, and even derailed you at times. Discover a safe harbor where you’ll unload excess baggage that have weighed you down for years.  You’ll be freed up to chart a new course that will lead into an incredible relationship with your Creator.

Contact Thomas by calling him at 662-292-3258